Inner Brilliance, Luminous Elegance.


Luminous Elegance Redefined for Your Home

Wardit, an innovation frominterior lighting by Magineer, offers an unrivalled lighting experience. Thanks to its meticulous design and its advanced LED technology, Wardit illuminates with elegance and efficiency. Its versatility allows it to blend in perfectly with a variety of interior spaces, highlighting theaesthetics and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Wardit, the ideal choice for sophisticated interior lighting, combining contemporary style and lighting performance for transform every space into an illuminated work of art.
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Modular lighting

Aluminium body

Wardit offers a suitable configuration.

Modular lighting

Our luminaires are adjustable in terms of luminous flux up to 2,550 lm.

Aluminium body

Made with die-cast aluminium for greater rigidity and controlled weight.


Wardit is available in a colour white.

Fields of application

Technical details

Elegance illuminated from the ceiling

Wardit, the interior ceiling light by Magineer, embodies the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Its sleek, modern design blends harmoniously into any interior, providing soft, even light. Wardit's advanced LED technology ensures optimum energy efficiency, while creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Whether in the living room, bedroom or any other room, Wardit enhances the interior ambience with soothing light, transforming lighting into a refined and contemporary visual experience.



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