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Individual solutions are our strength! We develop and produce the desired LED lighting systems exactly according to your specific requirements.

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Our LED lighting systems are developed in-house by our engineers and therefore have been tested and certified according to the European standards.

LED light control - Intelligent street lighting

We have developed a new lighting management system (LMS) for outdoor LED lighting, which allows an adaptation of the light intensity to the ambient light. With this sophisticated technology, individual luminaires or whole luminaire groups can be dimmed if sufficient healthy natural daylight is available at certain times. This targeted control of the light emission prevents unnecessary over-lighting of streets or entire districts (but also of storage halls, production halls, logistics centers). This results in an enormous savings potential in terms of energy and costs. A real sight for the world!

After all, intelligent energy management not only benefits the local councils, but also the environment (by reducing CO² emissions).

LED lighting technology combined with intelligent lighting management system can save up to 90% of energy. The energy costs are reduced enormously and the environment is relieved (by reducing the CO² emissions). All LED lights from magineer lighting can be equipped with such a lighting control system on request.

Benefits for the population

The LMS controls the amount of light and adapts it to the specific needs of the city lighting. This enables the LED lighting control to optimize the municipal road lighting - efficiently, reliably and individually.

Benefit for our customers

Companies and communities benefit from our large product selection. We provide high quality products at fair prices. Our comprehensive service (consulting, installation, maintenance) provides our customers with support in all areas as well as planning security and comfort.

Benefits for the environment

The use of LED luminaires and light control systems reduces energy costs, reduces CO2 emissions and relieves the environment.

Magineer's Lighting Management System

How does our Lighting Management System works?

A great advantage of outdoor LED lights is, that their light intensity can be controlled and dimmed with relatively little technical effort. The LED luminaries from magineer lighting are optionally equipped with a dimming functionality and a motion sensor. The system elements are centrally controlled and managed by an operating system software, which acts as an interface for the user to the LMS. This state of the art and sustainable technology can optionally be integrated in all of our lighting systems.


Significant for Municipalities

The lighting control system for outdoor LED luminaries enables the adjustment of the light intensity to the ambient light.

Single light or a whole group of lights can be dimmed with this sophisticated technology, for instance if at any particular time there is still enough daylight. This selective control of light emission prevents an unnecessary lighting of streets or whole districts. This results in an enormous saving potential in terms of energy and cost.

The Lighting Management System controls the amount of light and adapts it to the specific needs of urban lighting. Furthermore the LED lighting control system allows an optimization of municipal street lighting – safe, reliable and exclusively.

This innovative technology provides the balance between the demand for light in urban areas – that gives allurement and safety – and its application at an extremely high cost and energy efficiency.


Energy management – advantages for municipalities and companies

  • Enormous cost and energy savings of up to 90%
  • Meets the demand for environment friendly and ecologically sustainable technology:
    • Excellent energy efficiency: reduces CO² emissions
    • Avoid over exposure: intelligent dimming control supervises light emission
    • Complete recycling of lights
  • Improved light quality and longer LED life leads to better road safety
  • Individual control of each street light possible
  • Central control of the lighting system, which can be adapted to changing conditions at any time
  • Innovative, Ecosensitive Technology as a sign of the City
  • Light color can be set individually: creates a pleasent atmosphere and gives a city recognition value
  • Self sufficient Product: each of our luminaires can be optionally equipped with this system
  • State support of up to 30% possible