Outdoor Lighting June 17, 2023

Street lighting on the Tamesna road

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    Wilaya of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region


Street lighting: Magineer illuminates the Tamesna road

The road linking the thriving town of Tamesna to the capital Rabat lighting installation remarkable thanks to the intervention of Magineer. The aim of the project was to ensure a safe and welcoming road link, and it is thanks to the ingenious use of luminaires public lighting Darmstadt by Magineer that this vision took shape.

DarmstadtThese LED luminaires, which can be dimmed from 5000 lm to 59500 lm, have been deployed along the length of the road, providing lighting adapted to each section and ensuring optimum visibility for motorists, while preserving the aesthetics of the environment.

Lighting up the Horizon: The Luminous Challenges of the Tamesna Road

The main challenge of this project was to optimise the lighting along the road linking Tamesna and Rabat. The aim was to provide adequate brightness to ensure the safety of motorists while preserving the visual balance of the environment. Adapting the lighting to different sections of the road, from residential to more open areas, while reducing light pollution, was a major challenge.

Thanks to meticulous planning and the strategic use of Magineer's Darmstadt LED luminaires, this challenge was successfully met, resulting in a well-lit, aesthetically coherent and safe road for users, while complying with environmental standards.

Selection of LED street lighting luminaires, Darmstadt Magineer's luminaires have been carefully designed to adapt to the specific road environment of each section. These luminaires were strategically positioned to provide adequate lighting, taking into account the different zones, specific needs and environmental constraints. This meticulous selection has enabled the lighting to blend in with the surrounding atmosphere, while ensuring optimum visibility for drivers.

DarmstadtMagineer's LED street lighting luminaire has been chosen for its durability and resistance to harsh outdoor conditions. Designed with high quality materials and structural robustness, this luminaire offers increased longevity, being resistant to weather, dust and moisture. Their ability to maintain constant light performance in demanding environments helps to ensure reliable lighting along the road.  

LED luminaires Darmstadt from Magineer stand out for their energy efficiency. They produce optimum brightness while consuming less energy than conventional light sources. This feature reduces the overall energy consumption of road lighting, contributing to significant energy savings while maintaining an adequate level of brightness to ensure the safety of road users.

commitment & results

Route Illuminée: Magineer's Luminous Commitment

As part of the road lighting linking Tamesna to Rabat, Magineer's commitment to providing a reliable and safe lighting solution has been exemplary. The results have been convincing: a road now equipped with the right lighting, offering optimum visibility for motorists while preserving the surrounding aesthetics. This commitment has resulted in the installation of LED luminaires public lighting Darmstadtcarefully selected for their durability, resistance and ability to offer adjustable brightness to suit the specific needs of each stretch of road.

The results of this project means that the road is illuminated in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way. Commitment to LED luminaires Darmstadt by Magineer has enabled substantial energy savings to be made while maintaining optimum lighting for users. This initiative has created a safe and pleasant road environment, improving the driving experience for residents of Tamesna and commuters to Rabat. The unwavering commitment of Magineer s commitment to quality, sustainability and energy efficiency is reflected in this illuminated road that combines safety, comfort and respect for the environment.

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