Outdoor Lighting June 17, 2023

Exterior lighting at Hassan II Park

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    Wilaya of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region


Dazzling Nights : Magineer Redraws the Nocturnal Beauty of Hassan II Park

Magineer has brought dazzling luminous splendour to the Parc Hassan II, an emblematic space inaugurated in November 2018 in Rabat. This 20-hectare park, located near the Bab Zaer crossroads, stands out for its diversity of sports and leisure facilities. Thanks to the careful selection of LED projectors Radium from Magineer, which can be dimmed from 16,000 lm to 96,000 lm, the park has been transformed into a pleasant recreational area for visitors with the remarkable lighting from Magineeroffering a memorable night-time experience.

This project illustrates Magineer's commitment to creating outdoor environments This will enrich the community's nightlife and make the Parc Hassan II an emblematic place, not only for the residents of Rabat, but also for visitors passing through.


Lighting up Hassan II Park, an Inspiring Mission

The challenge of this project was to design appropriate and functional lighting for a vast, multifunctional space such as the Parc Hassan II. Adapting the luminosity for each sports area, playground, musical fountain and walking path, while maintaining a safe and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, was a complex task.

This challenge required meticulous planning to harmonise luminosity while preserving the balance between functionality and aesthetics, highlighting the natural beauty of the park while meeting the diverse needs of visitors, residents and sports enthusiasts using the site.

Magineer has made a careful selection of LED spotlights Radium to harmonise with the natural environment and the different areas of the park. The variability of the luminous flux of these spotlights has made it possible to adapt the lighting to the specific needs of each area, guaranteeing adequate illumination without disturbing the visual integrity of the park.

LED spotlights Radium used in this project are renowned for their durability and resistance to a wide range of environmental conditions. Featuring a robust design and high manufacturing quality, these luminaires were selected for their ability to withstand the elements and maintain reliable lighting performance over the long term, ensuring constant illumination of the park.

Choosing LED spotlights Radium from Magineer has proved beneficial in terms of energy consumption. These luminaires offer superior energy efficiency, producing optimum luminosity while consuming less energy.

compared with traditional light sources. This feature helps to reduce the project's ecological footprint and make significant energy savings, while maintaining high-quality, sustainable lighting for Hassan II Park.

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Restored Radiance: Stunning results from Heritage Illumination

Magineer has put its heart and soul into the lighting transformation of the Parc Hassan II, seeking to create a harmonious and functional night-time atmosphere. Illumination adapted to each activity and space in the park. Thanks to this initiative, the park has become a vibrant and safe place, offering visitors a pleasant and safe night-time experience, while highlighting the natural beauty of its different areas. 

The results of the Hassan II Park lighting project speak for themselves: a spectacular night-time transformation has been brought to this emblematic space. The park is now a luminous canvas where every architectural feature and every area of activity is beautifully highlighted. Magineer's commitment to providing high quality, state-of-the-art lighting has created an enchanting and functional atmosphere, meeting the varied needs of Hassan II Park's residents and visitors.

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