Solmane GEN II

Evolving Light. Brilliant. Resilient.


Redefine your lighting with an eco-friendly LED approach.

The LED spotlight Solmane GEN II from Magineer embodies luminous excellence. Combining a elegant design Using cutting-edge technology, the spotlight illuminates your spaces with exceptional intensity. Its photometric capacity, validated by a luminous efficacy evolving, keeping pace with global technological dynamics.

Solmane GEN II is distinguished by an exceptional lifespan, reflecting Magineer's commitment to innovation and quality. Redefine illumination with the Solmane GEN II floodlight, a solution perfect for brightness sustainable and sophisticated.

Solmane GEN II - Floodlight - Outdoor Lighting - Magineer

Aluminium body

Modular lighting

Solmane GEN II offers an adapted configuration.

Modular lighting

Our luminaires are adjustable in terms of luminous flux from 13,000 lm to 48,000 lm depending on the application.

Aluminium body

Made with die-cast aluminium for greater rigidity and controlled weight.

Metallic finish

Solmane GEN II is available in a colour black

Fields of application

Technical details

Modern Radiance for Bright Nights

The Solmane GEN II LED floodlight from Magineer is a true jewel of lighting innovation, combining elegant design with advanced performance. This exceptional illuminator redefines lighting with striking luminous intensity, combining scalable photometric capability with world-class standards.

The meticulous design of the LED plate ensures optimum luminous efficacy, maintaining flux with precision. The Solmane GEN II embodies superior quality, offering outstanding durability and sophisticated aesthetics for exceptional illumination in any environment.



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