Guide to selecting luminaires for interior spaces

L'interior lighting lighting goes far beyond the simple function of illuminating a space. It plays an essential role in creating ambience, enhancing visual comfort and even influencing our mood and productivity. To help you choose the right luminaires for each interior environment, here is some advice from Magineer for optimum illumination.

Lighting to suit every space


Each room has its own lighting needs. Work spaces often need more functional lighting to encourage concentration, while relaxation areas can benefit from softer, calming light. Identify the purpose of the space and select luminaires accordingly.

The balance between natural and artificial lighting


Make the most of natural light wherever possible, then complement it with appropriate luminaires. In spaces where daylight is limited, choose luminaires that reproduce this natural light as closely as possible to maintain a harmonious balance.


Interior lighting is much more than just a source of light in modern architectural design. It is an artistic centrepiece that shapes spaces, accentuating elegant lines and creating an immersive atmosphere.

Aesthetic and functional considerations


Opt for luminaires that blend harmoniously into the overall design of the space while meeting its functional needs. Discreet luminaires can accentuate the architecture, while bolder designs can become decorative elements in their own right.


Choice of temperature and light intensity

Colour temperature and light intensity have a direct impact on the ambience of a room. Warmer colour temperatures can create a more pleasant atmosphere. warm and welcoming, while cooler temperatures are ideal for work areas requiring greater concentration.

Consultation with lighting professionals


If necessary call in lighting experts to design a customised lighting system for your space. These professionals can offer specific advice, taking into account technical, aesthetic and ergonomic aspects. At Magineer, we understand the importance of interior lighting and are committed to providing innovative, customised solutions to meet your specific needs. Our luminaires offer a perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency, helping to create a more attractive and comfortable environment. interior spaces exceptional.


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