Elegant light, refined ambience, sublime interiors.


Luminous Elegance Redefined for Your Home

Auriga, the linear interior lighting bay from Magineer, embodies a perfect alliance between contemporary design and exceptional light performance. Designed to illuminate with elegance and precision, Auriga offers uniform and soothing brightness, enhancing every interior space.

Auriga, the quintessence of linear interior lighting, transforms bay lights into aesthetic centerpieces, illuminating your interiors with modern beauty and functional >.

Modular lighting

Aluminium body

Auriga offers a suitable configuration.

Modular lighting

Our luminaires are adjustable in terms of luminous flux from 4,320 lm to 7,200 lm depending on the application.

Aluminium body

Made with aluminium for greater rigidity and controlled weight.


Auriga is available in 2 colours Black and white.

Fields of application

Technical details

Refined Inner Light

Pallas, Magineer's iconic interior lighting, combines functionality and aesthetics to redefine the lighting experience. With its sleek design and exceptional lighting performance, Pallas transforms any interior into a haven of style and comfort. Its cutting-edge LED technology delivers warm luminosity while ensuring optimum energy efficiency.

Auriga adapts harmoniously to a variety of interior environments, elegantly illuminating spaces and creating a welcoming, sophisticated atmosphere. Auriga, the radiance that transcends conventional interior lighting.



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