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LED Lighting – Intelligent lighting solutions

Magineer lighting develops and manufactures high-quality LED lighting systems based on the latest scientific knowledge and innovations. For more than 16 years our engineers have been working in the development of electrical engineering and IT products. Renowned customers appreciate the quality of our products as well as our comprehensive, reliable service. The LED lighting department benefits from many years of experience in electronics and IT development and can use the existing know-how for synergy effects. We have outstanding expertise in the area of urban lighting design (street and parking lighting). Other business areas of magineer lighting are industrial lighting (for example, high bays) and lighting systems for homes and gardens (e.g., garden lights, wall lights, wallwashers).

Solar lights – climate neutral & network independent

Our LED street lights can also be operated with an integrated solar panel. Solar lights are climate-neutral, independent of the grid and complimented by their futuristic design. Regions with an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine a year are an ideal location for solar-powered streetlights. Solar lighting solutions have the advantage of providing extremely environmentally friendly and cost-efficient light. There is no electricity costs, the lighting works self-sufficient and is independent of the power connection, therefore it also works in case of a power failure. Solar energy is absolutely CO2-neutral. Solar LED luminaires can also be dimmed using lighting control systems. The battery runtime can be extended considerably by means of an automatic power control so that sufficient light is available for the entire dark phase.

We will make you smile!

Magineer lighting relies on a strong customer orientation. Beside standard luminaires we gladly tailor individual solutions. We develop and produce the desired LED lighting system in accordance with the requested requirements. Through continuous innovations and lighting ideas, we are always a step ahead of our competitors and remain interesting to our customers.


Our Philosophy

Our competence as an LED luminaire manufacturer as well as a lighting designer lies in the holistic creation of light concepts for exterior lighting as well as for interior lighting. The magineer lighting engineers create different lighting atmospheres for various cases using our products. Our aim is to convey more quality of life through architectural highlights. A special feature of our LED lighting technology is the harmonious combination of stylish design, high functionality and unbeatable efficiency.

Greater! Faster! Further! – This is how we develop at magineer Lighting

With our locations in Germany and North Africa, our greatest strength is demonstrated: to react flexibly to the wishes and circumstances of a wide range of industries, customers and markets. Our team can look back on 16 successful years of joint work. Our core business is focused on electronics development for LED luminaires and the development of software solutions for the automotive industry. More and more people are asking for a complete solution for LED lighting systems. An order which we can offer from magineer from advice to installation from a single source. Our customers profit in price and quality from our optimized processes. The constant monitoring and improvement of quality in all development and production phases is the key to our success.

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