The light that transforms your space.

Illuminate Your World: Transform Your Space

Discover Tantuma perfect marriage between contemporary elegance and functionality innovative. Designed to enhance your space, Tantum revolutionises interior lighting by offering soft, enveloping light that can be perfectly adjusted to suit your needs.

Its design elegant and uncluttered adds a touch of modernity to any interior, while its LED technology ensures remarkable energy efficiency without compromising brightness.

Aluminium body

Modular lighting

Redefine your space with a made-to-measure configuration.

Modular lighting

Our luminaires are adjustable in terms of luminous flux from 8000 lm to 11,200 lm depending on the application.

Aluminium body

Made with aluminium for greater rigidity and controlled weight.

Metallic finish

Tantum is available in a colour grey.

Fields of application

Technical details

Illuminate Your Spaces with Elegance

Tantum features a modern, elegant design that blends harmoniously into any space, indoors or out. Its clean lines and sophisticated aesthetic add a touch of refinement to any setting, creating a captivating ambience.

Tantum's exceptional lighting flexibility means you can precisely adjust the intensity and direction of the light to personalise every moment. This adaptability makes it possible to create unique atmospheres, whether relaxing or dynamic, according to the preferences of the moment.


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