Inner Brilliance, Luminous Elegance.


Luminous Elegance Redefined for Your Home

From a attractive appearanceMagineer's top-of-the-range Magineer Subra luminaires are an interior lighting element that evaluates your spaces and transform them with efficiency.

Deployable and practical, this ruler will light up your business premises: offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, or even your home, while ensuring a constant level of light. lighting clean and soothing.

Modular lighting

Aluminium body

Subra offers an adapted configuration.

Modular lighting

Our luminaires are adjustable in terms of luminous flux from 7,200 lm .

Aluminium body

Made with aluminium for greater rigidity and controlled weight.


Subra is available in a colour white.

Fields of application

Technical details

LED panel, bright contemporary light

Subra, the LED panel by Magineer, transcends expectations when it comes to lighting. Its slim, elegant design blends harmoniously into any space, while the integrated LED technology provides intense, energy-efficient brightness. Subra goes beyond traditional lighting, creating a lively, dynamic atmosphere.

Its meticulous design ensures even light distribution, transforming any room into a bright, modern environment. Subra is much more than a LED panel, it's a contemporary light source that redefines the aesthetics of interior lighting.



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