Outdoor Lighting February 22, 2018

Urban Space Lighting in Hay Riad, Rabat

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    Wilaya of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region


Harmonious Radiance: Sublime Lighting by Magineer

The art of enlightenment meets modern functionality in front of the Agence Nationale de la Conservation Foncière du Cadastre et de la Cartographie, in Hay Riyad, Rabat. Magineer has brilliantly orchestrated aoutdoor lightingusing six elegant Radium LED spotlights.

Thisoutdoor lighting was carried out using the Radium LED spotlight from Magineer, offering exceptional versatility and performance.


Lighting up Rabat: Redefining life in Hay Riyad

As part of this lighting project, Magineer should create a remarkable light in front of theAgence Nationale de la Conservation Foncière Cadastre et de la Cartographie in Hay Riyad, Rabat. The aim was to design captivating exterior lighting that combined functionality and aesthetics. Meeting these requirements involved exploring innovative lighting solutions, adapted to this specific space, to offer a striking visual experience while ensuring harmonious integration with the urban environment of the city of Rabat.

When it comes to selecting the right floodlights for a variety of outdoor environments, it's essential to consider a number of factors to ensure optimum performance. Floodlights used outdoors need to meet specific requirements, such as the size of the area to be lit, the level of brightness required for activities, and resistance to weather conditions.

from Magineer, available in three colours - Black, White and RAL 9006, offer unique versatility for adapting to different environments and aesthetic needs. Their modularity in terms of luminous flux, ranging from 16,000 lm to 96,000 lm, means they can be precisely adapted to each specific application, whether for lighting sports fields or outdoor recreational areas.

The durability and resistance of outdoor floodlights play a key role in ensuring their longevity in changing environments. Magineer's Radium LED floodlights are designed with particular attention to their robustness and ability to withstand outdoor conditions. Their solid construction and high weather protection rating, combined with their variety of colours and modular luminous flux, guarantee increased durability and resistance, making them ideal for demanding outdoor applications such as this project in Rabat.

The LED projectors from Magineer are specifically designed for optimum durability and strength. Their sturdy construction and high protection rating make them more resistant to the elements, ensuring that they work perfectly.
reliable and consistent in a variety of environments.

A crucial aspect in the choice of floodlights is their energy consumption. Magineer's Radium LED floodlights were the perfect choice for this project because of their remarkable energy efficiency. With their ability to produce luminosity ranging from 16,000 lm to 96,000 lm while consuming less energy than other lighting technologies, these floodlights help to reduce energy consumption and operational costs while maintaining superior lighting quality, ensuring a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to outdoor lighting in this district of Rabat.

commitment & results

The Art of Enhancing the Urban Environment

The results of this project have been extremely positive. Thanks to the strategic use of Magineer's Radium LED floodlights, the area has been transformed into a vibrant and safe space. The tailored lighting not only improved visibility around the Radium lit area, but also added a contemporary and aesthetic touch, enhancing the visual appeal of this key location.

Projectors Radium have helped to reduce energy consumption while maintaining optimum luminosity.

The commitment to this lighting project in Hay Riyad, Rabat, was reflected in a strong desire to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing lighting environment. By choosing Magineer's Radium LED floodlights. This commitment was reflected in the constant search for appropriate lighting solutions.


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