Outdoor Lighting February 22, 2018

Road lighting on the Rabat ring road

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    Wilaya of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region


Darmstadt lights up the Rabat Rocade

Strategically positioned along the Rabat ring road, thisstreet lighting has transformed the visual experience of this vital stretch of road. The luminaire Darmstadt from Magineer, with its modular features, not only offered drivers optimum visibility, but also added a modern, refined aesthetic to the urban environment.

Thanks to this innovation in lightingMagineer has redefined the standards of road lighting, guaranteeing a safe driving experience. safe and pleasantfor residents and visitors to the city of Rabat.



Lighting up Rabat: redefining life in Hay Riyad

The major challenge encountered in this road lighting project in Rabat was to ensure optimum illumination of the ring road, while integrating the luminaires harmoniously into the urban environment. The multi-purpose luminaire Darmstadt from Magineeroffering a modularity of luminous flux ranging from 5000 lm to 59500 lm and available in three distinct colours, was a strategic choice. Balancing the need for adequate visibility for drivers with the creation of an attractive urban aesthetic was the central challenge.

Selecting the right luminaire for a specific road environment is of paramount importance in ensuring optimum lighting performance. In this project on the Rabat bypass, Magineer's Darmstadt luminaire was meticulously selected. Available in three distinct colours, matt dark grey, RAL 7005 and RAL 9006, this luminaire blends perfectly into the urban environment of the Rabat bypass. Its modularity in terms of luminous flux, ranging from 5000 lm to 59500 lm, meant that it could be precisely adapted to meet the specific lighting requirements of this roadway.

The durability and resistance of luminaires in an outdoor environment are essential to ensure their longevity and optimum performance. Magineer's Darmstadt street lighting luminaire has been designed with particular attention to its robustness and resistance to outdoor conditions. Its solid construction and hard-wearing features make it an ideal choice for use in demanding road environments such as the Rabat bypass. These attributes ensure greater durability and constant reliability of the luminaire in a wide range of climatic conditions.

Energy consumption is a crucial factor to consider when choosing luminaires for a road lighting project. Magineer's Darmstadt public lighting luminaire is the perfect choice thanks to its excellent energy efficiency. By modulating the luminous flux from 5000 lm to 59500 lm while minimising energy consumption, this luminaire helps to reduce operating costs and environmental impact, while providing high-quality, long-life lighting for the Rabat bypass.

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Our Impact in Road Lighting

Magineer's commitment to the Rabat bypass lighting project was evident in its determination to provide an optimum lighting solution. The choice of Magineer's Darmstadt public lighting luminaire ensured optimum illumination of the bypass, guaranteeing enhanced visibility for drivers and helping to improve road safety. The luminaire also added a neat, modern aesthetic to the environment, transforming the road into a welcoming corridor of light.

Thanks to the judicious use of Magineer's Darmstadt luminaire, the Rabat bypass has been transformed into an illuminated and safe thoroughfare. The improved visibility has significantly enhanced safety for road users, while the aesthetic appeal of the luminaire has added visual value to this urban environment, contributing to a better experience for drivers and residents of the Moroccan capital.

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