Outdoor Lighting June 17, 2023

Exterior lighting for the Salé local recreation area

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    Wilaya of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region


Exterior lighting for Salé's local recreation areas

Theoutdoor lighting in Salé was one of the highlights of the year. Magineer. Using the LED projectors Radium With performance levels that can be adjusted from 16,000 lm to 96,000 lm, these mini-football and basketball pitches have been transformed into bright, welcoming spaces, enabling night-time sports fans to enjoy their favourite activities in optimum conditions.

Thanks to the expertise of MagineerThese pitches are now equipped with efficient lighting, offering a high level of safety. adequate visibility while maintaining a friendly atmosphere for athletes and spectators alike. This project demonstrates the commitment of Magineer to provide quality lighting solutions, encouraging the practice of sport and strengthening the social fabric at the heart of the community of Salé.

Illuminating sporting hope: Magineer lights up local pitches in Salé

In Salé, Magineer has successfully met the challenge of lighting the mini-football and basketball pitches thanks to the innovative use of LED floodlights. Radium. The challenge was to provide sufficient light for safe and optimal sporting activities, while avoiding light scattering towards residential areas.

Thanks to meticulous planning and the strategic use of Radium LED projectors from Magineer, this challenge was successfully met. These modular floodlights concentrated the light on the playing fields, providing a quality sporting experience while minimising the impact on the surrounding residential environment.

Magineer has carefully selected LED spotlights Radium to meet the specific needs of mini-football and basketball pitches. This selection made it possible to adapt the luminous intensity and light distribution to guarantee optimum visibility on the pitches while avoiding excessive light pollution in the surrounding environment. In this way, the lighting was adjusted to meet sporting requirements while preserving harmony with the surrounding landscape.

The LED spotlight Radium from Magineer was chosen for its durability and robustness. This floodlight is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as weather variations, humidity and dust. Its solid construction and build quality ensure a long life and reliable performance in outdoor environments, providing a long-lasting lighting solution for sports pitches.

LED spotlights Radium are distinguished by their energy efficiency. Thanks to their advanced LED technology, these luminaires offer optimum brightness while consuming less energy than traditional light sources. This translates into significant energy savings, helping to reduce the carbon footprint while providing high-performance, sustainable lighting for local amenities in Salé.

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Route Illuminée: Magineer's Luminous Commitment

Thepitch lighting in Salé was the result of Magineer's unwavering commitment. Thanks to the use of LED spotlights RadiumThis commitment has resulted in the creation of illuminated areas conducive to night-time sporting activities. Adequate lighting for mini-football pitches and basketball. This provides sportspeople with a safe and functional environment for their activities, while promoting inclusion and social cohesion within the community.

The result is a outdoor lighting local land in Salé transformed and improved. Thanks to the commitment of MagineerThese sports facilities are now equipped with efficient lighting, ensuring optimum visibility for athletes and spectators while guaranteeing significant energy savings. This commitment to lighting solutions innovantes has created an environment that is conducive to sporting activity and has helped to strengthen social ties within the local community.

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