Outdoor Lighting June 17, 2023

Exterior lighting for Tamesna City Park

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    Wilaya of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region


Magineer Redraws the Magic of Light in Tamesna Park

Magineer has breathed new light into the heart of the city's park. Tamesnaa harmonious haven between nature and recreation, designed to offer residents an immersive experience. This project outdoor lightingby Magineer has transformed this green recreational area into a dazzling night-time sanctuary. Thanks to a meticulous selection of luminaires, the park has been dressed in a subtle and refined light. The public lighting luminaire Darmstadt5000 lm to 59500 lm, has been carefully positioned to mark out the paths, providing accurate, safe lighting.

The LED projectors Solmane GEN Iwith their versatility of luminous flux ranging from 52,000 lm to 96,000 lm, enhanced the discovery areas, highlighting each element of the Andalusian garden and the garden exotic terraces, adding to the visual magic of the park. What's more, the Genovaranging from 2,800 lm to 11,200 lm, enchanted the green spaces, creating a symphony of light in the urban forest and children's play areas. 


Natural Radiance: Lighting Challenges in Tamesna Park

The major challenge of this outdoor lighting project was to create an immersive and reassuring lighting atmosphere while preserving the natural and recreational integrity of Tamesna Park. The aim was to subtly balance the lighting for the walking routes, discovery areas and leisure zones, while preserving the serene, harmonious atmosphere of the space.


Adapt the lighting to highlight the lush vegetation, recreational areas and fitness circuits, while providing a soothing atmosphere for moments of relaxation.

Magineer carefully selected the luminaires to harmonise with the park's environment. Each type of lighting has been specifically allocated to meet the needs of each area of the park, ensuring that the lighting is appropriate and respectful of the environment, without altering the natural balance of the site.

The luminaires selected for this project were chosen for their durability and resistance to a variety of environmental conditions. Magineer's range of luminaires offers robustness and weather resistance, ensuring consistent and reliable lighting performance over the long term.

Attention to energy consumption was a key aspect of this project. Visit

The luminaires used are renowned for their energy efficiency, optimising the light emitted while reducing energy consumption, which contributes to a smaller environmental footprint and substantial energy savings over the lifetime of the installations.

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Restored Radiance: Stunning results from Heritage Illumination

Magineer's involvement in this lighting project for Tamesna Park was marked by a desire to create an exceptional lighting ambience while preserving the natural, recreational essence of the area. This was achieved through a careful selection of luminaires, Magineer is committed to providing a safe and immersive night-time experience that meets the varied needs of park users.

The result was lighting tailored to each area of the park, highlighting its distinctive features while creating a welcoming and balanced atmosphere, reflecting Magineer's ongoing commitment to excellence and integrity in its lighting solutions.

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