Architectural Lighting February 22, 2018

Architectural lighting for the Assuna Mosque

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    Wilaya of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region


Majestic Glow: Illuminating the heritage of the Assounna Mosque

In the historic heart of Rabat is the Assounna MosqueOne of the largest mosques in Morocco, this architectural treasure dates back to 1785. Magineer had the privilege of contributing to its development by orchestrating aarchitectural lighting refined.

Using their expertise in lighting, the lighting systems architectural of Magineer have sublimated the majestic features of this emblematic structureThis elegant illumination highlights the beauty and grandeur of the Assounna Mosque, while preserving its historic heritage.


Illuminating the Legacy: The Sublime Challenge of Architectural Lighting

The main challenge in this architectural lighting project for the Assounna Mosque was to preserve its history and grandeur, while at the same time giving it a new dimension.


new visual dimension. Striking a balance between accentuating the remarkable architectural details of this historic structure and creating a dazzling lighting ambience was a major challenge. The aim was to enhance the mosque's majestic appearance while respecting its deep cultural significance. So finding the perfect marriage between preserving the heritage and introducing captivating, artistic illumination was the central challenge of this architectural lighting project.

Selecting the right lighting for a historic monument such as the Assounna Mosque is essential to preserve its aesthetic appeal and authenticity. In this project, Magineer's architectural lighting was carefully chosen to enhance the architectural details of the mosque while blending harmoniously into its surroundings. The luminaires were strategically positioned to highlight the remarkable features of the structure without compromising its visual integrity. This careful selection highlighted the beauty and grandeur of the Assounna Mosque while preserving its historic heritage.

The durability and resistance of luminaires in an architectural and historical context are crucial to ensure long-term performance. The Magineer lighting used in this project was designed with particular attention to robustness and durability. Resistant to changing environmental conditions, these luminaires were chosen for their ability to withstand the elements, ensuring a long service life while maintaining their luminous and aesthetic performance.

Energy consumption was a key factor in the choice of lighting for this architectural lighting project. The luminaires used, designed by Magineer, were selected for their remarkable energy efficiency. They offer exceptional lighting quality while consuming less energy, thereby helping to reduce the environmental footprint of the Assounna Mosque's lighting. This eco-responsible approach has made it possible to preserve history while adopting a modern, efficient lighting solution.

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Restored Radiance: Stunning results from Heritage Illumination

The commitment to the Assounna Mosque lighting project was deeply rooted in the preservation and enhancement of this historic heritage. Magineer took a meticulous approach, seeking to sublimate the aesthetics of the mosque while respecting its cultural importance.

The results were striking: an artistic illumination was created, highlighting the remarkable architectural details of the Assounna Mosque, offering the people of Rabat a captivating visual spectacle, reinforcing its emblematic role at the heart of the city.

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