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We offer our customers more than just lighting, but night-time vitality.

The lighting solutions tailor-made, creative and intelligent, based exclusively on technology  LEDThese are all areas in which the company has expertise, along with intelligent services that keep pace with technological advances and standard energy requirements. Magineer.

We focus on the public and private market segments, where our intervention brings a mastery of the most complex issues. solutions and assistance in making better choices possible solutions.


Magineer's Installation Service ensures an optimal chain from design to installation of luminaires, respecting quality standards. Qualified experts adapt the installation to specific needs, ensuring long-term reliable operation and compliance with high standards.


Le Maintenance Service from Magineer ensures proper functioning of luminaires with contracts that include the replacement of components and repairs. This guarantees an extended lifespan, reduced maintenance costs reliability and a economy for customers.


Le Repair Service from Magineer aims to restore damaged luminaires, thereby extending their lifespan. The experts diagnose, repair and replace defective components, helping to reduce maintenance costs and environmental footprint. This is in line with Magineer's commitment to sustainable development. sustainability.

Profitability analysis

Magineer's Profitability Analysis Service guides customers in making informed choices by evaluating the current costs, potential energy savings and financial benefits of energy solutions. lighting. This precise analysis helps to maximize financial and environmental benefits, promoting more efficient use of energy and reduction of operational costs.

Lighting study

Magineer's Lighting Design Service optimizes energy efficiency and the quality of lighting. Customized studies use advanced modeling tools to improve lighting conditions, ensuring uniform, pleasant and energy-efficient lighting.

Photometric calculations

Magineer's Photometric Calculations service uses specialist software to accurately assess lighting, ensuring a design that fits the needs. The results ensure uniform illumination, reduce glare and optimize energy efficiency, meeting standards for optimally lit spaces.


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