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Lighting Innovation for Optimal Performance

LS-HB-2202, Magineer's industrial lighting, offers a high-end lighting solution for demanding industrial environments. With a design designed to maximize brightness and efficiency, this industrial lighting guarantees optimal light performance. Advanced LED technology ensures exceptional longevity and energy saving, meeting the highest standards for sustainability.

LS-HB-2202 redefines industrial lighting by providing a reliable, high-performance solution that elevates visibility and safety in the most demanding industrial workspaces .
LS-HB-2202 - Eclairage Industriel - Industrial lighting - Industrielle Beleuchtung - Magineer

Modular lighting

Aluminium body

LS-HB-2202 offers an adapted configuration.

Modular lighting

Our luminaires are adjustable in terms of luminous flux from 16,000 lm to 48,000 lm depending on the application.

Aluminium body

Made with die-cast aluminium for greater rigidity and controlled weight.

Metallic finish

LS-HB-2202 is available in a colour black.

Fields of application

Technical details

High-Performance Industrial Lighting

LS-HB-2202, Magineer's flagship industrial lighting product, embodies luminous excellence for demanding industrial environments. Its avant-garde design combines performance and functionality, offering optimal brightness and unrivaled durability. Cutting-edge LED technology guarantees remarkable energy efficiency, meeting the strictest environmental standards..

LS-HB-2202 is much more than industrial lighting, it is a premium lighting solution designed to improve visibility, safety and efficiency in the most complex industrial settings.



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